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The BCS…

November 5, 2009

I get the “BS” part, but what’s the “C” for?

As we all know, the fate of your favorite college football team rests in the incapable hands of some complete morons. These morons collectively decide whether or not your team is better than my team. The decision ultimately comes down to votes and can therefor be decided by who likes what team.

Again, how they figured to put a “C” in is beyond me.

Last football season the BCS committed the ultimate crime. They deprived the Texas Longhorns of Big 12 and National Championships, both of which were offered to Oklahoma who graciously turned down the offer to be National Champions.

This year however, the season seems to be out of the hands of the BS… er… BCS. This makes me immensely happy, of course, seeing as how all the best team in the country has to do to show that they are the best team in the country is be the best team in the country. Not a problem since the Texas Longhorns are clearly the best team in the country. The #2 ranking comes, once again, from the BCS. We should all revolt for many reasons, the BCS one of them.

One final note: if the Texas Longhorns don’t win the National Championship, or if Colt McCoy doesn’t win the Heisman, I will personally kick Bob Stoops in the teeth… Why? Because I hate him. He has caused me more grief than any other person I can think of, and, although he and his team won’t be affecting the outcome of this football season, I still do, and always will, hate Bob Stoops.

Hook ‘Em!